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Vintage - 14x14 (35x35 cm)
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Vintage - 14"x14" (35x35 cm)

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Pack VINTAGE papers

10 sheets 14"x14" (35.5x35.5x cm)
65 gsm

10 Colors inside the pack:

- Gray Blue

- Gray

- Light Gray

- Beige
- Oak

- Red Scarlett

- Turquoise

- Green Apple

- Olive
- Yellow ocher

This paper was made ​​available for the first time for the origami community by Origami-shop, on 22 july 2014. 
These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.


Qualities :

- This fine paper is prettier than the traditional traditional origami papers thanks to its new colors which bring depth to the paper

- It is thinner than Tant papers and fits perfectly with complex folds





this paper:


- If you are looking for a versatile and economical sheet for all types of paper folding
- To fold complex models
- For the original and unusual colors                           


Do not choose

this paper:


- For bi-color models (since it has the same color on both sides) unless you know how to bring color to one face (pasting tissue-paper, painting ...etc)                                 


How to use

this paper:


Dry folding for all models from simple to super-complex models. 
For complex models: 14"x14" sheet is often enought but for supercomplex models, choose a larger sheet from 20"x20"

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stars_3 - Review added the Thursday 08 October 2015 by RONALD L
Good paper. Better than kami but good folding characteristics
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