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Stop Thinking, Start Folding by Oriol Esteve
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Stop Thinking, Start Folding + PRE-ORDER BONUS

A book containing 33 original models by Oriol Esteve that delves into the creative process of a prolific designer.

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"Stop Thinking, Start Folding"

Introducing the first installment of our new collection, “Happy Folding”, “Stop Thinking, Start Folding” goes beyond the typical book of origami diagrams. Explore the evolution of a designer from his first models to the works that define Esteve’s unique aesthetic. Contains over 30 models alongside the author’s thoughts about designing origami and guidance to one’s personal creative process.


This item is a pre-order and will be available in November 2018.



Free diagram not included in the book, available for download upon the book's release.


Add a pack of 40 sheets of origami paper specifically selected for folding each of the book's model's. A great deal! Pack contents listed below.



Book details:

  • Paperback, 176 pages in color
  • Languages: English and French (including all text and diagrams)

Formats Available (Please make selection above):

  • Paperback with digital book option
  • Digital book only
    A PDF version of the book (~90 MB). A WeTransfer link to download the file will be emailed to you as soon as possible. Please note that this link will not be immediately available upon purchase. Your file will typically be sent on the same day or on the following business day.



33 sheets of specialty origami papers specifically chosen for the models in the book offering the perfect size, texture and thickness for each design. Also includes 7 "test sheets" for test folding models before using your special paper. Discover new types of amazing origami paper and rest assured that your sheet is the perfect match for each model.


Sheets included:

  • 2x Double-sided Tissue-foil: Black-White 30x30 cm / Grey-Black 30x30 cm
  • 3x Tissue-foil: Green 30x30 cm / Red 30x30 cm / Green 20x20 cm
  • 6x Deluxe Washi: 24x24 cm: 2 x Brown / 2 x Black / 1 x White / 1 x Red
  • 7x Duo Sandwich Foil Paper: 23x23 cm : 2 x Black-White / Green-Olive / Slate-White / White-Red / Orange-White / Black-Apricot
  • 2x Duo Thai: Brown-White 30x30 cm / Brown-White 11x11 cm
  • 2x Biotope: Brown 30x30 cm / White 20x20 cm
  • 1x Korean Hanji: Brown 30x30 cm
  • 1x Tant: Blue 20x20 cm
  • 1x Octa: Orange 20x20 cm
  • 8x Kami: 2 x Black / Bestial Brown / Brown / Red / Pink / Yellow / Blue
  • 7x Test Sheets: White 24x24 cm


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