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Shin-danshi Ivory papers
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Shin-danshi Snow Ivory - 27.6"x27.6" (70x70 cm)

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Shin-Danshi Origami paper

Color: Ivory

Weight: 76 gsm

Quantity: 1 sheet  
Size: 27.6"x27.6" (70x70 cm)



This paper was discovered and made available for the first time for the community by origami Origami-shop, on 26 february 2014.



This paper has a slightly wrinkled texture that will compliment your models. Easy to fold, it is rather soft and absorbs parasitic folds. 
  • These items are proprietary products to our shops because we cut them into squares and package them ourselves.
  • Important:  Each sheet is folded in half twice to send it to you. It therefore contains creases. Of course, the traces won't interfered in the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper,  you AGREE to receive folded sheets .


this paper:


- To fold animals and characters
- To catch the light and shadow and so Enhance your Photos

- For all complex models                  


How to use

this paper:


Dry folding, Tesselations and for all models from single to super-complex models
For complex models: a 35x35 cm sheet is often enough for supercomplex models, choose from a larger sheet 50x50 cm or 70x70cm

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