origami book Origami essence Roman Diaz in english and spanish #3 ORIGAMI ESSENCE - 3RD COLORIZED AND EXPANDED EDITION! by Roman Diaz

#3 Origami Essence, Roman Diaz, 3rd Colorized and Expanded Edition!


Discover the amazing art of origami following clear step by step instructions to fold the most sought-after works by acclaimed Uruguayan Master Román Díaz. 34 models for all levels, from simple to the most advanced origami you can find. Learn how to fold the Bullfrog, the Fox and the Unicorn, find the joy of inflatable origami, feel the essence of the ancient art of paper folding through modern techniques and beautiful animal designs.


PDF options: Too impatient to wait for the delivery of the book? Or you want a version for your smartphone ortablet? Check the e-book above. In addition to sending the real book with postal service, you could receive in the next hoursthe PDF version of the book *.



  • Softcover : 192 pages
  • Publisher: SARL Passion Origami - Nicolas Terry
  • Language: English and Spanish
  • Product Dimensions: 21 cm. x 29.7 cm.


39 models diagrams step by step
- 1 articles about design of the Bull Frog
- 1 article about design volume in origami

*PDF version of the book (54 MB), which can be read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. A link to download the PDF file will be sent at the earliest, most often in the day, upon receipt of your payment.



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stars_5 - Review added the Wednesday 19 March 2014by Tim K

This is a great book! I am a little more than halfway through and so far the diagrams are very clear. What really pleases me about it is that even the (seemingly) simpler models that take a smaller number of steps to fold incorporate some really interesting ideas and folding sequences/maneuvers. This is especially nice when time for folding is limited and I still want to fold something that is going to challenge me in some way.I also love the fact that for each model, the book provides pretty much all the meta information you could ask for: crease pattern; recommended type, size, and color of paper; recommended folding technique (dry vs wet folding); estimated level of difficulty; ratio (size of finished model as a percentage of paper size); color photo of finished model. In terms of things I have learned from folding the models in this book, there are two folding maneuvers this book really helped me practise: "pull out some trapped paper" and "wrap around a layer of paper". I used to dread these! :) --- Summing up, I highly recommend this book to anyone who is not a total beginner! And if you are planning on getting the print version of this book and can afford it, do spend the extra money (~1.50 euros) for the PDF version: If you really do get stuck at some point, being able to zoom in (and out) can help sometimes.
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