Review of Pedro C on Agua Papel- Handmade Origami Paper - 12.6"x12.6" (32x32 cm)

Agua Papels pack - 12.6"x12.6" (32x32 cm) Agua Papel- Handmade Origami Paper - 12.6"x12.6" (32x32 cm)

Pack Agua Papel with 15 sheets / 15 colors

12.6"x12.6" (32x32 cm)

- Unicolor (same color on both sides, slight texture on other side, slight sheen on one side)


These items are EXCLUSIVE to Origami Shop. First made available on our site Nov 14, 2014.


Development of these papers began in 2007 by origami artist Fabian Correa Gomez. Origami Shop supported financially the development of these papers for 3 years. These papers are hand made in Colombia from the banana plant and a small percentage of cotton fiber cloth. The combination of banana fiber and cotton fiber generates strength and flexibility on each sheet of paper.


Each sheet is handmade. Therefore, the colors may vary slightly from one sheet to another. By purchasing this product you accept the imperfections and variations inherent in this type of handmade product.


Agua Papel

Color and size may have small variations.

Use water sparingly, if necessary.





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stars_5 - Review added the Sunday 23 November 2014by Pedro C

I ordered these papers on a whim with my order. I'm pretty certain I'll be ordering more. Thin and strong with a nice texture. Based on the first fold I did with them, they seem pretty well suited to complex models. I just wish they came in larger sizes.
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