Review of Michael WW on Pajarita 2011 Volume 5

spanish and authors' langage origami book Pajarita 2011 Volume 5 Pajarita 2011 Volume 5
Book Description:

Pajarita Volume 5
Booklet from the spanish Origami Convention 2011.

It is one of the biggest origami booklet (432 pages) !!

Contents: 96 diagrams (Level simple to complexe) + 2 CP

Include :
- Aardvark by Quentin Trollip
- Pig by Ronald Koh



Product Details:
Paperback: 432 pages
Date : 2011

Language: Spanish + authors' langage
Product Dimensions:
17 cm x 24 cm

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stars_4 - Review added the Friday 26 August 2011by Michael WW

Still working through the book. The level of complexity is very challenging. Some of the diagrams are a bit unclear.
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