Review of Matthew H on Colored Foil paper - 13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) - 12 colors - 24 sheets

Foil Papers 12 colors multicolored 35x35cm 20 sheets japanese origami scrapbooking japan Colored Foil paper - 13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) - 12 colors - 24 sheets
Product Details:
- A white face and a metallized colored face
- 12 colors x 2 = 24 sheets
13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm)

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stars_4 - Review added the Friday 20 December 2013by Matthew H

This paper is excellent for showcasing models! The duo color of the sides is very attractive for models that show both sides. It also has a crisp fold that leaves a faint crease showing (bolder on the blue and green), which allows for accurate folding. It is sturdy, but can get a bit thick at times. Use the 40x40 or 60x60 for anything with many overlapping layers. If force the paper too much it can lose some of the foil properties. All around a fantastic, economical paper for displaying models!
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