Review of Mark PPPP on Deluxe Washi BROWN - 20 sheets

Deluxe Washi brown gold paper 13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) 20 sheets scrapbooking origami Deluxe Washi BROWN - 20 sheets

This washi is very particular because it has a very marked texture : you fold  models particularly pretty.
However, this type of paper remains usualy difficult to model. A metallized layer thus was applied to the other face what makes it as malleable as foil paper !

- Washi origami papers with gold face
- 20 squares
13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) square
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stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 16 June 2011by Mark PPPP

Great general purpose paper, offering excellent folding qualities, and competitively priced so the odd disaster is not the end of the world.
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