Review of Lawrence TTTTT on Rabbit - 336 modules

Rabbit - 336 modules Rabbit - 336 modules

Kit 3D Origami Golden Venture Folding (Chinese modulars)

- Model: Rabbit

- 336 modules
- Final Size: 14x10 cm (5.5"x3.9")


kit include:
- Specially sized paper
- Pictures of instructions explaining and showing how to fold the modules and how to assemble the models


3D Origami, also called Chinese modular origami, is a type of modular origami: you use many pieces of paper folded the same way then you assemble hundreds of these pieces to make a master piece. Using this technique, you can make amazing things for home decoration or a present. The number of modules depends on the model.



this kit:


- For the easy folding level, ideal for beginners and children

- For group activities: all members fold the modules and assemble them together to learn how to work as a team
- To developes fine finger movement with a repetitive and easy folding sequence, but motivated to obtain a stunning and impressive result

- If you want to develop your creativity, because everyone can create his own models, easily assembled like a Lego.


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- Review added the Saturday 07 March 2015by Lawrence TTTTT

Working my way through these modular origami kits! --
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