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Book Description:

During my trip to Korea in 2009 meeting Jassu, Redpaper and Korean origami group, I discovered and really liked this book. Unlike too many books for beginners which have still the same traditional models, the author proposes here  to fold very simple models really cute and very original. Their originality stems from the fact that animals are associated by peers (or more) and thus form a small family, and of course with only one sheet of paper.

List of "family" models "family":

- 2 rabbits

- a cat with a dog

- 2 pigs

- a rabbit with a turtle

- 4 frogs

- 2 Dolphins

- 2 dogs

- 6 turtles

- an elephant with a monkey

- a dog and and its puppy

- a penguin and its baby

- a lion et its cub

- a grasshopper and its bably

- a ladybug and its baby

- a snail and its baby

- a swan and its baby

- a monkey and its baby

- a bird and its baby

- a duck and its baby

- 2 mice

- a turtle and its baby

- a koala and its baby

- a frog and its baby

- a cat and its kitten

- a dog and its puppy


List of Animals in situation :


- a chick in its egg
- a mouse on a cheese

- a small dog at the foot of its house

- a baby dinosaur out of its egg

- King kong on Empire State Building
- a small dog on board a boat

- a Kitten on a carpet

- a snail on a leaf

- a bear on ice

- a rabbit hidden behind tall grass

- a bird at the end of a branch

- a penguin on the ice

- 3 chicks in a nest

- a bird in a tree

- a swan on the water

- a frog on a lily

- a cicada on a tree

Finally, the book contains:
- 32 duo color sheets with different colors and patterns for the models of the book

- 1 sheet of stickers "Eyes" to stick on the origami.


This book is Korean but the steps are clear enough to fold the models without having to read the text instructions.

Product Details:

Softcover : 132 pages
- 100 color pages with instructions step by step

- 32 color pages with duo color paper with patterns

- 1 sheet of stickers "Eyes" to stick on the origami.
Product Dimensions: 18.5 cm x 23.5 cm
Contents : 43 models

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stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 05 February 2015by KATHERINE L

These are lovely models. Easy and fun. They will make great cards. The folds are so cute! They would also be good to take on long trips to fold and give away.
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