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Book Description:
At least once in our life, we all have folded a frog, a plane, or a boat with a sheet of paper, but there is so much more! Enter the wonderful world of origami by folding astonishing models: a duck, a lion, a rickshaw, a warrior ... Clear and detailled diagrams will lead you step by step to the final model. No glue, no cuts, a paper square and your fingers are all that you need! Accessible to everybody, models are ranked in increasing levels of difficulty, from the simplest to the most complex. And take the next step ! Join the designers' circle and get started with origami design. And for experts always eager for more, challenges, and crease patterns will allow you to fold still more models.

About the author:
Nicolas TERRY is the author and editor of the Passion Origami collection. He is the webmaster of He has been and continues to be a special guest of many origami conventions around the world.

Product Details:
paperback : 170 pages
Publisher: Nicolas TERRY (Dec 2007, Second Edition)
Language: English and French
Product Dimensions: 21 cm. x 29.7 cm.

- 23 model diagrams step by step
- 4 models with their crease pattern + 14 variations of models
- 1500 diagrams
- A total of 41 models to be folded if all the challenges and CP are solved
- 4 colors pages with the photographs of all the models.

- Download 3 diagrams
- Read advice of customers who bought the book!

Bonus :
You will have challenges that you will find throughout the book:
- Challenges can be found in the diagram itself
- You will have tips to fold 14 new models
- You will find four unpublished Crease Patterns of other new models
- A secret code to discover that will give you access to more items!

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stars_4 - Review added the Sunday 02 October 2011by Jolanda MM

Very well diagrammed. Beatifull peaces to fold.
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