Review of jenny RR on Foil paper 13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) - 20 sheets - Silver color

Foil Papers silver 13.8"x13.8" 20 sheets japanese origami scrapbooking japan Foil paper 13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) - 20 sheets - Silver color

Paper manufactured especially and only for this shop! Impossible to find elsewhere…

Color :   Silver

Product Details:
- A white face and a metallized coloured face
- One pack contain 20 squares of 
(35 x 35 cm)
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stars_5 - Review added the Monday 24 October 2011by jenny RR

really nice foil paper, it's very hard to find large than 15 * 15 so this is very handy.
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