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Grimoire foil roller backed scrapbooking origami Grimoire Foil Roller Backed 49'x12"



Usually, foil paper has a white face that is often necessary to hide sticky over tissue paper (see section sandwich paper).
This paper presents a brown face instead of the white face. Thus, it can be used immediately without preparation.

Product Details:
Roll of 
49'x12" (15x0.3meters) :  With one roller, you can obtain 50 squares 12"x12" (30x30 cm) 

- A brown face and silver metalized face



Exemple de pliage :



Author : Wolf by Noboru Miyajima
Folder : Nicolas TERRY / Diagrams in Tanteidan 14
Paper : Grimoire Foil 30x30 cm
Author : Kangaroo by Steven Casey 
Folder : Nicolas TERRY / Diagrams in  Origami Worldwide by John Montroll
Paper : Grimoire Foil 30x30 cm 
Author : Racoon Dog by Satoshi Kamiya
Folder : Nicolas TERRY / Diagrams in  Works of Satoshi Kamiya 2
Paper : Black tissue paper glue on the foil face of a Grimoire Foil 30x30 cm 
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stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 02 January 2014by Emil V

This Foil is so good that I ordered another one. One Foil I kept a second donated for local origami club. For each recommendation. What's even better is very cheap and good quality!
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