Review of Dirk DB on Sosaku Origami (Creative Origami)

book Sosaku Origami Creative Origami Akira Yoshizawa in japanese Sosaku Origami (Creative Origami)
Book Description:

Japanese Akira Yoshizawa (1911-2005) was a prolific artist who create thousands of original folds. His models, realistic and full of life rise origami to the level of Art. He was considered to be as the grandmaster of Origami and created a system of origami symbols used today in the world to describe how to fold a model.
This book contains:
- 28 color pages featuring her most beautiful models. The pictures
are a sufficient reason to have it.
- 126 pages of diagrams to fold many models.

Product Details:
: 158 pages
Date: 1984

Language: japanese
Product Dimensions:
19 cm x 25 cm

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stars_5 - Review added the Friday 03 December 2010by Dirk DB

Great book, fantastic pictures. Today the old publications of "The Grandmaster" are difficult to find, so this reprint is a cheap and easy way to get inside the Origami world of Akira Yoshizawa. At first sight you think the models are easy, but to get them right is quit challenging. If you can't read Japanese, don't worry, the diagrams are clear enough to understand without the text. Again a must have!
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