Review of David CCCC on Foil paper 13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) - 20 sheets - Silver color

Foil Papers silver 13.8"x13.8" 20 sheets japanese origami scrapbooking japan Foil paper 13.8"x13.8" (35x35 cm) - 20 sheets - Silver color

Paper manufactured especially and only for this shop! Impossible to find elsewhere…

Color :   Silver

Product Details:
- A white face and a metallized coloured face
- One pack contain 20 squares of 
(35 x 35 cm)
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stars_5 - Review added the Wednesday 04 February 2015by David CCCC

Great for just messing around with very complex ideas. The paper holds its shape very well, however be careful sometimes it holds its shape a little too well.
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