Review of Christophe M on Animales de papel (Paper Animals)

origami book Animales de papel Edwin Corrie in spanish Animales de papel (Paper Animals)
Book Description:

Attention ! Edwin Corrie is rarely published.  That's why this book is a publication not to be  missed. Behind this cover lurks a small treasure! Edwin Corrie is a creator that I love. His designs are simple but really attractive. His style of folding is really interesting and recognizable. In a way, he is close to Hideo Komatsu. Thus his model interest the beginners and also the advanced folders. 

He is joined in this book by other famous artists :
- Manuel Arroyo
- Francisco Javier Caboblanco
- David Derudas
- Carlos Irven

Bonus: Includes 20 free orgami sheets. The sheets are textured. textures are adapted to the models of the book. I have rarely seen so beautiful textures!

Product Details:
Hardcover: 56 pages
Language: Spanish
Product Dimensions:
22.5 cm x 24.5 cm
NB : The cover with animals is a personal creation and are not in the book. The real cover is the Orange one with a blue fish.

Liste des modèles :
Poussin (E. Corrie)
Goose (E. Corrie)
Mouse (E. Corrie)
Cygne (E. Corrie)
Fish (Corrie E.)
Sea lion (E. Corrie)
rabbit (Traditional)
Chien (E. Corrie)
Ecureuil (E. Corrie)
Pig (E. Corrie)
Hippopotamus (Carlos Ivern)
Escargot (F. J. Caboblaanco)
Bird in flight (E. Corrie)
Chat (Corrie E.)
Ours (E. Corrie)
Dragon (E. Corrie)
Dromedary (Manuel Arroyo)
Fox (E. Corrie)
Elephant (E. Corrie)
Frog (D. Derudas)

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stars_5 - Review added the Saturday 13 October 2012by Christophe M

Very nice book... models are so cute
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