Review of Brad S on Vu Papers + 2 exclusive diagrams

Vu Papers + 2 exclusive diagrams Vu Papers + 2 exclusive diagrams

The origami Artist Nguyen Ngoc Vu, member of the famous VOG (Vietnam Origami Group), is known for its fantastic models like its shark published in the book VOG2

To fold his two latest creations, he produced an Handmade paper perfectly adapted to its models and he shares it exclusively with you here.


This pack include :

  • 2 EXCLUSIVE Diagrams: Owl and Bee-eater
  • 3 Duo Handmade sheets, made by Nguyen Ngoc Vu himself - 9.85"x9.85" (25x25 cm) (colors depending on availability). Vu uses a fibrous paper and colorise it with acrylic then glue together to form this paper Duo. 
  • 6 original fibrous sheets that Vu uses to make his Handmade paper, so you can try to make your duo paper by yourself - 9.85"x9.85" (25x25 cm)


Diagrams are in PDF format. You could download them immediately from “Your Account>Review your orders” as soon as we accept your payment.
The PDF fild can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader Program on PC, Mac, smartphone and Tablet. 


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stars_5 - Review added the Tuesday 20 May 2014by Brad S

Gorgeous looking paper and the models are a lot of fun to fold. Very happy.
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