Review of Тать & on Origami : School of Masters [e-book Edition] + 3 new models

origami book school of masters ermakov andrey in russian Origami : School of Masters [e-book Edition] + 3 new models



Ebook version of the physical book which is now out-of-print. 

This version include 3 new diagrams :

  • 24 models with step-by-step diagrams
  • 3 models with CP and Design Process
  • 12 models with CP

A very impressibe and big book with 399 pages.

The book also includes 212 pages of texts and CPs to explain the origami design in origami : Text only inRussian you can download the full english text here (translation by David Walker).

List of the 21 original models with diagram:


List of the 3 new models with diagram:


List of the 3 models with CP and Design Process
- Deer (p.71-84 / final CP p.84)
- Pangolin (p.191-196 / final CP p.196)
- Butterfly (p.126-142 / final CP p.142) 


List of the 12 models with CP:

Product Details:

Softcover: 399pages

Date : 2012
Language: Russian / FREE English translation available here
Product Dimensions: 18 cm x 24,5 cm

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stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 14 May 2015by Тать&#11 &

Очень интересно, но сложно. Смогла сложить только первую модель - котенка. Интересно было узнать как создаются модели оригами. Побольше бы русско-язычных книг по оригами.
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