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183 colourful stickers depicting notable members of the origami world and a book to put them in. You'll recognize many of your favorites folders. It is also an opportunity to discover many creators we often only know through their folds. Each sticker also shows a creation with which they are closely associated.


- Few people know it, but Halle, author of the famous series “Cartoon origami”, also draws professional level caricatures

Product Details:

- 1 color album (softcover 70 pages)

- 183 stickers (all collection /No duplicate)

Adolfo Cerceda
Akira Yoshizawa
Alejandro Dueñas
Alessandro Beber
Alex Bateman
Alfredo Giunta
Alice Gray
Andrea Russo
Andres Sanchez
Andres Sierra
Andrey Lukianov
Anita Barbour
Artur Biernacki
Bernie Peyton
Brian Chan
Brian Chan version II
Carlos Pomaron
Carmen Sprung
Christophe Boudias
Claudine Pisasale
Dan Robinson
Daniel Naranjo
Daniela Carboni
Dave Brill Versión I
Dave Brill Versión II
David Derudas
David Lister
David Llanque
David Petty
David Shall
Didier Boursin
Diego Ante
Dino Andreozzi
Eduardo Clemente
Edwin Corrie
Elisabeth Montoya
Eric Demaine
Eric Gjerde
Eric Joisel
Eric Kenneway
Federico Scalambra
Felipe Moreno
Fernando Gilgado Version I
Fernando Gilgado Version II
Fernando Gilgado Version III
Florence Temko
Francesco Miglionico
Francis Ow
Francisco Javier Caboblanco
Fred Rohm
Fumiaki Kawahata
Gabriel Álvarez Version I
Gabriel Álvarez Version II
Gay Merrill Gross
Gianh Dinh
Gilad Aharoni
Halle Versión I
Halle versión II
Hans Birkeland

Heinz Strobl
Herman Van Goubergen
Hideo Komatsu
Hoàng Trung Thành
Hojyo Takashi
Issei Yoshino
Janneke & Pieter Wielinga
Jason Ku
Jeremy Shafer
Joan Homewood
Joel Cooper
Joel Stern
John Cunliffe
John Montroll Versión I
John Montroll Versión II
John Smith
Joker Versión I
Joker Versión II
Jorge Pardo
Jose Ángel Iranzo
José Aníbal Voyer Iniesta Version I
José Aníbal Voyer Iniesta Version II
Jose Ignacio Royo
José María Chaquet
Joseph Wu
Juan Gimeno Versión I
Juan Gimeno Version II
Juan López Figueroa
Jun Maekawa
Jun Maekawa step I
Jun Maekawa step II
Jun Maekawa step III
June Sakamoto
Junior Fritz Jacquet
Kunihiko Kasahara
Larry Hart
Ligia Montoya
Lillian Openheimer
Lionel Albertino Version I
Lionel Albertino Version II
Luca Vitagliano
Luigi Leonardi
Luis Fernandez
Makoto Yamaguchi
Manuel Sirgo
Marc Kirschenbaum
Marieke de Hoop
Mario Adrados
Mark Kennedy
Mark Leonard
Mark Robinson
Martin Wall
Matrimonio Shumakov
Max Hulme
Mette Pederson
Michael Lafosse
Michael Shall
Mick Guy
Miguel Kaiser
Natale Fietta
Neal Elias
Nguyen Hung Cuong
Nick Bandoni
Nick Robinson Version I
Nick Robinson Version II
Nicolas Gajardo
Nicolas Version I
Nicolas Terry versión II
Noburu Miyajima
Olivier Viet
Paolo Basceta
Pasquale D´auria
Patricia Crawford
Patricio Kunz
Paul Jackson
Paula Versnick
Paulo Mulatinho
Penny Groom & Pete Groom
Pere Olivella
Peter Budai
Peter Engel
Quentin Trollip
Ralf Konrad
Rene Mollo
Renee Rojas
Robert Harbin
Robert Lang version II
Robert Lang version II
Roberto Gretter & Daniela Carboni
Roberto Gretter
Robin Glynn
Robin Macey
Román Diaz
Ronald Koh
Ronald Koh Version II
Saadya Sternberg
Satoshi Kamiya
Sebastian Arellano
Sheiji Nishikawa
Sipho Mabona
Stephen O´hanlon
Stephen Weiss
Ted Normington
Thoki Yenn
Tom Defoirdt
Tom Hull
Jose Tomas Buitrago
Tomohiro Tachi
Tomoko Fuse
Tony O´Hare
Vanda Battaglia
Veronique Lévêque
Vicente Palacios
Victor Coujoerly
Victoria Serova
Vincent Floderer
Vladimir Serov
Yoshihide Momotani



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