» » » » » Pack Yohishi - 6 colors, 6 sheets 14"x14" (35x35 cm) - S&D SALE!
Pack Yohishi (Bear Hide) paper
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Pack Yohishi - 6 colors, 6 sheets 14"x14" (35x35 cm) - S&D SALE!

Pack of 6 colors, 6 sheets of Yohishi origami paper; commonly called bear hide. 14" or 35cm square sheets. A popular semi-heavy weight paper used for all sorts of fun origami projects.

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Yohishi - bear hide - 6 color, 6 sheets - 14"x14" (35x35 cm)

Bear Hide paper

- Pack 6 colors, 6 sheets 14"x14" (35x35 cm)

- 6 colors: Red, Light Brfown, Dark Brown, Black, Ivory, White (image shows five of the six colors in the pack)
- 90 g/m²

Please note: This is a Scratch and Dent SALE PACK - the paper in this pack could have minor damage to the edges, and 90-95% of the entire sheet is still great for origami. Sold AS IS. 


These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.




this paper:


To Fold any animals imitating fur

- To give roundness, 3D effects and capture more organic shapes 

(like animals since there are many curves to be put in them)
- To fold tesselations and modulars

- To use wet-folding Technique                                                                     


How to use

this paper:


Size of the sheet:

24x24 cm for simple and intermediate models

- 35x35 cm with dry fold for intermediate to complex models 

- 70x70 cm with dry fold even with super complex models

Dry-folding for tesselations, modulars and models without too much layers or without too much shaping. 


Wet-folding for models which need a lot of shape
For more details, read 
Gilad Aharoni's article


1) Technic #1 (easiest):

Fold (dry) the model as far as possible. When the folds become too difficult, wet the flaps and creases with a damp sponge or water spray.

2) Technic #2:

Moisten the entire sheet with a damp sponge or a water spray. Fold your model quickly before it dries. Dry with a hair dryer or outdoors holding sometimes parts of the model with clothespins. This technique requires that you know perfectly the folding sequences to fold the model as quickly as possible.


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