» » » » Smooth White Kraft - 30 gsm - 15 sheets - 17.7"x17.7" (45x45 cm)
Smooth White Kraft - 30 g/m² - 15 sheets - 45x45 cm
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Smooth White Kraft - 30 gsm - 15 sheets - 17.7"x17.7" (45x45 cm)

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Pack 15 sheets Smooth White Kraft 17.7"x17.7" (45x45 cm)

This paper is particularly interesting for intermediate and complex models due to its thinness (30 gsm) and its exceptional resistance. With its smooth white surface, it is prettier than the kraft Alios and allows exhibit your models.
  • These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and conditioning them ourselves.
  • Important: Each sheet has a size of 17.7" x 17.7". That's why, the pack will be sent folded (final size = 8.8"x8.8" cm). Sheets therefore inevitably contain creases but of course, the few traces will not interfere in the final appearance of your model.


this paper:


To fold intermediate to super complex models
- To test a folding sequence before use an expensive sheet                                          

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stars_5 - Review added the Tuesday 01 September 2015 by Jeffrey HH
Thinner than "traditional" origami paper, more translucent, and much less stiff, so takes some getti... (Read more)
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