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Origamidō paper is the BEST paper ever for origami 


This paper has been made by Origamidō studio’s Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander specifically for origami and it's close to perfection : "thin, strong, crisp, takes a crease and It isn't overly weakened by folding" (Robert J. Lang).


Michael LaFosse is a world-renowned artist in the field of origami. Author of numerous books with Richard Alexander, they have mastered the manufacture of paper. Designing an origami paper close to perfection, as thin as tissue paper, but extremely strong, with its pulp made from very long fibers. The paper has a neutral pH and the colors come from pigments specifically chosen, making this an archival quality paper.

Intended primarily for their own models, this paper occasionally has been available for sale in the past. But today, despite its outstanding reputation, Origamidō paper is rarely available and only sold at Origamidō studio near Boston.

Michael and Richard allows Origami Shop to occasionally sell a limited quantity of this amazing paper.


Happyfolding.com authors Ilan Garibi and Gadi Vishne gave an amazing rundown on the properties which Origamido possesses for why they concluded: "...while many great artists say this is the best origami paper in the world, I, as a tessellator, was expecting a perfect paper for my tessellations. It is not. For every complex model we tried, it gave us the best results ever. Super complex models will benefit from it even more. This paper blows away all others in the scientific tests, giving unbelievable results, in regard to strength-thickness ratio, and in absolute values, too."  Read the full review here. 

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