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Origami Torsion Folding

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The carefully selected works of Shuzo Fujimoto "Torsion folding" techniques for making a three-dimensional structure by combining parts made of simple folding.



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softcover: 96 color pages
Date : 2011

Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions:
18 cm x 23 cm


19 models diagrams step by step

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Reviews about this Origami Torsion Folding (2 reviews)

stars_3 - Review added the Sunday 28 April 2013 by Philippe D
des modèles intéressants, mais il faudrait un peu (beaucoup) plus d'explications pour pas mal de m... (Read more)
stars_5 - Review added the Thursday 11 October 2012 by Norberto K
Many ideas from Fujimoto-san is used abroad. After this book, we can see where they are inspired fro... (Read more)
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