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Tanteidan #20
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Tanteidan #20 SCRATCH AND DENT

Tanteidan #20 from JOAS - Japan Origami Academic Society with 62 models diagrams step-by-step instructions. Level: Simple to Complex. Majority complex.

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Tanteidan #20 - Scratch & Dent


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Tanteidan #20 from JOAS - Japan Origami Academic Society



Product Details:

Date : 15th August 2014

Language: Japanese & English
Product Dimensions: 
18.2 cm x 25.8 cm




62 models diagrams step-by-step instructions.

- Level : Simple to Complex. Majority complex.


Model Name by Creator Beginning shape
Jack-O-Lantern by Tomoaki Ono Other shape

From a tea bag
Samurai Helmet Chopstick Envelope by Inayoshi Hidehisa Square
Ginkgo Chopstick Envelope by Inayoshi Hidehisa Square
Penguin Box by Inayoshi Hidehisa Square
2 units
Hen Shaped Box by Yamanashi Akiko Square
3 units

Layered folding
Super Nova by Toshikazu Kawasaki Square
30 units

With a stand
Organella by Miyuki Kawamura Square
30 units
Santa Claus by Hideo Komatsu Square
Santa Claus by Mineo Shotaro Square
Santa Claus by Horiguchi Naoto Square
Santa Claus With Large Hat by Hideo Komatsu Square
2 units
Candy Flower by Matsui Erika Square
Rabbit Head by Yamakita Katsuhiko Square
Skull Emblem by Hojyo Takashi Square
Mouse by Fumiaki Kawahata Square
pgFox by Yamaguchi Yukihiko Square
Rabbit by Seishi Kasumi Square
2 units
Rabbit by Nakamura Kaede Square
Beagle by Jun Maekawa Square
Kennel by Jun Maekawa Square
Sheep by Atsunori Muraki Square
Sheep by Watanabe Dai Square
Giraffe by Miyashita Yasushi Square
Komainu (Lion Dog) by Kamo Hiroo Square
Kiwi by Morisawa Aoto Square
Swallow by Ouchi Koji Square
Three-Legged Crow by Honda Gen Square
Stork by Gotani Tetsuya Square
Flapjack Octopus by Nakai Tsutomu Square
Catfish by Miyajima Noboru Square
Fire Goby by Kashiwamura Takuro Square
Flounder by Kakami Hitoshi Square
Parasaurolophus by Arisawa Yuga Square
Message Lizard by Tsuda Yoshio Square

Hold a message in its mouth
Praying Mantis by Satoshi Kamiya Square
Sierpinski Gasket L(3) by Dorde Jovanovic Triangle
Blow Top by Nguyen Hung Cuong Square
Gmb Windmill by Alessandro Lamio Octagon
Dasa Star by Alessandro Beber Hexagon
Converse Shoes by Jang Yong-Ik Square
Hj Girl by Jason Ku Square
Orchid Nt2 by Tran Trung Hieu Square
Flor Auri by Isa Klein Rectangle - 1X2
7 units
Scottish Terrier by Hoang Tien Quyet Square
Cat by Fabiana Sanapanya Square
Kitten by Lanh Duc Canh Square
Hamster by Yoo Tae Yong Square
Stoat by Manuel Sirgo Square
Hedgehog by Javier Dominguez Perez Square
Skunk by David Llanque Square
West Indian Anatee by Quentin Trollip Square
Humpback Whale by Ben Muller Square
Snail by Jens Kober Square
Dragonfly by Andrey Ermakov Square
Hammerhead Shark by Nguyen Ngoc Vu Square
Goldfish by Ta Trung Dong Square
Bream by Ryan Welsh Square
Tyrannosaurus Rex Skeleton by Marc Kirschenbaum Square
4 units
Allosaurus by Jonathan Hirschberg Square
Sabertooth Cat by William Hartman Square
Gargoyle 2.1 by Alessandro Beber Square
Dragon Young by Hans Romano Square


Photos and details on Gilad's page.


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