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Erotic Origami

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Book Description:

Erotic Origami will satisfy the adult-oriented cravings of origami aficionados. Over 600 full-color illustrations will guide you to recreate 12 origami models. The collection includes different sexual positions, as well as depictions of hands and mouths as they were meant to be used. A chapter on materials and methods is also included. 



this book:


- For the realistic sexual positions
 For the originality of the theme
- For the complexity of some models (2 characters in a single sheet)
- For the nice folding sequence in Kirschenbaum's style
- For the amazing color change of the models                                           


Do not choose

this book:


- If you are a child
- If you do not have double-sided paper (see Duo papers or "How to make a sandwich paper")                                    



Product Details:
Softcover: 114 pages

Language: English
Product Dimensions: 21 cm x 21 cm
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