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Thesepapers providesoutstanding resistance towrinklesand tearswhile being veryflexible, whichmakes it anideal paper fororigami. 

- Theclassic origami paper (Kami) offers a widerange of colorson one side; the other sideis whiteto better read diagrams on thebooks. It is really thin (60 gsm).
The Double-Sided Origami Papers (Duo Kami) has a coloronone side anda different coloron the other side. It is really thin (60 gsm).
- The Textured origami papers offers nice textures to enhance your models
- The Iridescent origami papers brings a unique aspect to your folding
-Chiyogami presentsbeautifuldesigns to decorateyour models. 
-kraftpaperis highly resistant but extra thin andideal foreverydayfolds. It is thin (70 gsm) to extra thin (18 gsm)
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