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Origami New Worlds

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Origami New Worlds

Origami New Worlds by Alessandro Beber

Softcover, English

148 pages


Alessandro Beber (Italy) has taken origami tessellations to a whole new "world" with this amazing new manual for folding stunning geometric designs. Written in English, this book includes clear instructions and descriptions for creating a number of Beber's signature tessellation designs, including:

-basics on grid folding

-folding twists

-1-cube exercise

-1-star exercise

-Flagstone tiles

-Penrose triangles

-Menger Sponge

-Rubik's Cube

-Sierpinski-Penrose Triangles

-and much more...


Book includes QR codes that link to YouTube videos demonstrating some of the tessellation collapses. Only available in limited quantity!




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Origami New Worlds

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