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#9 Origami Nature Study by Shuki Kato
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Nature Study Paper Pack

Selection of high-quality papers suitable for the models in book (+ $35.00)

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#9 Origami Nature Study by Shuki Kato

#9 Origami Nature Study - Shuki Kato


Introducing the 9th volume of the Passion Origami Series!


Available now for PRE-ORDER!

This item will ship in mid-December, 2017.

We will send the book as soon as it arrives from France after its release (see details at the bottom of this page).




FREE GIFT only available with PRE-ORDERS:

Receive a free download of an additional diagram (not included in book).

FLYING STAG BEETLE - 14 pages, 175 steps





This fabulous new book contains clear, step-by-stem instructions for 16 origami animal models, with difficulty ranging from intermediate (Diplodocus and Dragonfly) to the super-complex (Greater Kudu and Giganotosaurus). Every model is folded from one square of paper, with no cuts. Shuki Kato has spent many years refining several of these designs, and this book features some of the most advanced origami sequences ever diagrammed.


Language: ENGLISH

Hardcover, 224 pages



OPTION for 20 sheets of specially selected origami paper:

+ $35.00

For an additional fee, receive a special selection of amazing origami papers that are recommended for each model, suggested by the author.



-17 sheets specifically picked for their size, texture, or color, intended to obtain the optimal result

-3 test sheets for practicing folding sequences prior to folding the nicer sheets of paper




Care for a digital copy of this book to use on your computer, tablet, or smartphone? The E-BOOK (PDF) version (in addition to the hard copy) is provided at a small fee by checking the e-book option above.*




*PLEASE NOTE: E-book is a ~60 MB PDF file that can be read using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader or other PDF-reader software. A WeTransfer link to download your find will be sent by AOS staff within 24 hours (or on the following business day, M-F), upon receipt of your payment.



Papers included in the paper pack (Photos are those of the book and for a few, do not necessarily shows the result using the proposed papers):


Yohishi Marron
24x24 cm

Simple Dragonfly
Shadow-fold Malakite
30x30 cm

Golden River Green
35x35 cm

Satogami Olive
24x24 cm

Gold Tissue-foil
30x30 cm

Gray Wolf

Elephant Hide Paper
Light Brown
48x48 cm

Satogami Blue
35x35 cm

Biotope Green
50x50 cm

Complex Dragonfly
Sandwich paper
Dark Blue
50x50 cm

Bactrian Camel

Elephant Hide Paper
48x48 cm


African Elephant
Elephant Hide Paper
48x48 cm

Asian Elephant

Elephant Hide Paper
48x48 cm


Biotope Ocher
50x50 cm


Yohishi Brown
50x50 cm

Greater Kudu
- Sandwich paper

Brown 50x50 cm 
Biotope Brown 50x50 cm

Sandwich paper
Green 50x50 cm 






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#9 Origami Nature Study by Shuki Kato

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