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Origami Butterflies Kit
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Origami Butterflies Kit - AUTOGRAPHED

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Origami Butterflies Kit

Origami Butterflies Mini Kit  -  AUTOGRAPHED! 

by Michael LaFosse & Richard Alexander


This kit includes:

- Printed instructional diagrams

- Paper for folding projects


Product dimensions: ~12 x 6 x 0.25 inches





(all designs by Michael G. LaFosse)


A Butterfly for Alice Gray


The Lillian


Evangeline Fritillary


Alexander Aztec Swallowtail


Alexander Swallowtail


The Baxter


The Michael Shall


The Temko


Origamido Butterfly


The Joyce Rockmore


The Nolan


The LaFosse Moth


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Origami Butterflies Kit

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