» » » » Pack Kraft Alios 28gsm - 40"x40" (100x100 cm) - 5 feuilles
Pack Kraft 28g/m² - 100x100 cm - 5 sheets

Pack Kraft Alios 28gsm - 40"x40" (100x100 cm) - 5 feuilles

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ALSIOS Kraft Paper 40"x40" pack of five

The kraft paper is a particularly resistant paper. Kraft also means strength/power in German.

Kraft paper proposed here is exceptional because:
- Extremely thin: 28g/m²
- Beautiful and high quality

- Resistant and strong
- Wet strength
 (Treat with fogging - perfect for wet-folding)

In particular, it probably offers the best combination fine / resistance of all the papers, which makes it particularly interesting for super complex folding like Ryuzin by Kamiya Satoshi.
This paper is also particularly suitable to glue on foil papers.

This Kraft paper is usualy NOT available for sale. To get it, it was necessary to buy it directly to the factoty, then we cut ourself the kraft in square!
Vincent Floderer and Crimp's team have chosen this Kraft paper to realize their crumpling.


Important: Each sheet has a size of 100x100 cm APPROXIMATE! Therefore, the sheets will be sent folded. The sheets contain traces of folds and traces of manipulations which  should, however, not hinder the final appearance of your model. By ordering this paper,  you agree to receive folded sheets and approximate size 100x100 cm containing traces of manipulation.
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Notes et avis

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