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Origami Dream World

Toshikazu Kawasaki is the author of the famous "Kawasaki's rose".

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Origami Dream World, Toshikazu Kawasaki



Book Description:

Toshikazu Kawasaki is the author of the famous "Kawasaki's rose".


The book has 3 section :

- Transportation section with train, Space shuttle and decoration.
- Nature with a cute fox and two of the famous Kawasaki's roses with clear new diagrams.
- Underwater scene with beautifuls shells


The book contains also 16 colors pages with photos of the models.


Product Details:
Softcover : 160 pages with explanations and photos

Language: Japanese
Product Dimensions: 18 cm. x 20 cm




- Houses
- Tree
- Train & rail
- Space shuttle
- Snowflake
- Decoration


- Fox
- Rose
- Rose 2
- Rose with open petals
- Left rose
- Cherry blossom
- Blossom ball
- Leaf

Underwater scene:
- Squid     
- Creature
- Spiral shell
- Wider shell
- Cuttlefish
- Seaweed 1
- Seaweed 2
- Seaweed 3

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