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PMC Jewelry Tiny Bird Silver Earrings

Boucles d'oreilles Tout Petit Oiseau - Argent

Bijoux de grue en origami en argent pur fabriqués à partir d'argile de métal précieux.

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Tiny Bird Earrings - Silver

Made by Ohio origami artist, Ginger Wankewycz


Each bird is hand-folded from fine silver and attached to a sterling silver French wire by way of a sterling wire and bead. These tiny birds have a wingspan of about 3/4" and are approximately 3/4" long including the earwires.

What is Precious Metal Clay?
Precious Metal Clay (PMC), consists of pure silver with a clay compound that allows the materials to be moldeded and shaped like other clays. After kiln firing, these materials are burned away, leaving the purest form metal at .999 Fine Silver.

PMC also comes in other fine metals including gold, copper, and bronze.


In Ginger's words:
"Each of my silver pieces is of the highest quality possible. Fine silver contains no copper, and therefore tarnishes at a much slower rate than sterling silver (which is .075 copper). I use a combination of fine silver and sterling for my findings and chains, so care should be used when storing pieces to prevent tarnish. I recommend storing the jewelry in a small sealable plastic bag when not in use."

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Notes et avis

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