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Essential Book of Origami - AUTOGRAPHED

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Essential Book of Origami LaFosse Alexander

AUTOGRAPHED by Michael LaFosse and Richard Alexander!

Soft cover, English

96 pages

16 projects





World-renowned origami artists Michael G. LaFosse and Richard L. Alexander share their wisdom and expertise in this complete introduction to the world of origami paper folding. Beginning origami folders can progress through 16 step-by-step lessons, each with an accompanying video lesson on the free DVD included with this book. Each lesson features a project that's been selected to encourage development of origami folding techniques in a highly enjoyable way. Most of the projects are original, never seen before in print.


In addition to presenting invaluable information about how to select your origami papers, how to preserve and display your origami creations, and even how to begin selling origami commercially - this origami book also presents the authors' original "philosophy" of the paper folder's art.



Origami as Expressive Art
The Global Origami Movement
An Inspiration “LaFossophy” of Origami
Folding Socially
It’s All About the Art
Pracital Considerations
Choosing and Preparing Your Origami Paper
Origami Preservation
Showing Your Origami Pieces in Public
Selling Your Origami Art
Achieving Elegance in Your Folded Art
A Guide to Origami Diagrams and Symbols

The Japanese Crane
Lessons from the Heart
Anne LaVin’s Squirrel
The Great White $hark
The Elegant - Simple Hummingbird
The Dim Sum Bun
Ambrose the SKunk
A Seahorse for Al Miyatake
Yellow Tang for Mariko
Foley (or FOALie) the Pony
The Happy Good-Luck Bat
The Alexander Aztec Swallowtail Butterfly
The Wedding Orchid
Enough of thie Cat!
The Leatherback Sea Turtle


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Essential Book of Origami LaFosse Alexander

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