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Sandwich Paper  White / Yellow Duo Sheet
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Sandwich Paper (Foil) White / Yellow Duo Sheet - Pick The Size of Sheet

This extra thin origami paper is EXCLUSIVE in our shop! It is a double-sided foil paper ideal for folding complex origami and shaping your models; it is usually fairly strong, and will hold its shape.

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Sandwich Paper (Foil)  White / Yellow Duo Sheet



Sandwich paper (typically called 'tissue foil' in the United States - not to be confused with the Origami Shop Tissue Foil), is an aluminum foil sheet with a layer of tissue paper glued to each side. An alternative to wet folding, sandwich paper allows you to shape your models without the use of water.


"Foil paper is often quite thin and is usually fairly strong, but the big property that it brings to the origami artist is that it is malleable. Or rather, the metal part is malleable. This means you can shape the paper into curves and crimps, and it will hold its shape. Thus, foil paper allows one to fold curved, organic shapes that have a much more natural appearance." - from Robert J. Lang's very informative page on origami paper. 


Color: White/Yellow

Weight: 18 gsm


The sandwich paper is so called because it is usually made ​​up of three layers: a metallic sheet is sandwiched between two colorful sheets.
- You could obtain a double-sided papers with the colors you want.
- Ideally suited to fold complex models
- Easy shaping thanks to its foil sheet
- The metallic appearance can be seen through the tissue paper (to avoid that, use foil papers backed and glue the tissue paper on the white face, or use chlorinated tissue-paper, or use Tissue-foil paper instead of foil)
- It can age badly (unicolor tissue-paper can happen to fade in the light => replace it by Unryu or chlorinated tissue-paper)
- Wrinkled aspect if we do not fold carefully.
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