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TANT- Earth Brown
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TANT- Earth Brown - Choose Your Paper Size & Quantity

Tant is a popular Japanese paper made especially for folders. Available in many beautiful colors, it is thin, easy to fold, and provides a nice finish for your models with its subtle texture.

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TANT - Earth Brown

Tant is a very popular and versatile origami paper. It comes in many beautiful colors and exhibits a delicate texture for an attractive finish. At 78gsm, its weight makes it ideal for simple, intermediate, and some complex models. Whether you are folding animals, boxes, or flowers, Tant is an excellent paper choice for a wide range of models. Also works exceptionally well for modulars with stunning results!



Read an in-depth review on Tant (by Ilan Garibi and Gadi Vishne) here.


  • Select size and quantity from the options above
  • 35cm available in both single sheets and in packs; 24cm as 5-sheet pack only, 70cm as single sheet only
  • Same color on both sides of the paper
  • 78gsm



  • These items are proprietary products to our shop because we cut them into squares and package them ourselves.
  • IMPORTANT: Sheets in the 70x70cm (28" x 28") size are sent already folded by us (folded down into fourths to a 35cm/14in square). Therefore, this large format contains creases. By ordering this size, you agree to receive these sheets folded.




this paper:


- To exhibit your models:
  • This paper is long-lasting. The color does not fade and the shape holds well.

  • Its texture catches the light which helps produce pronounced shadows
  • Great paper for digital imaging since the paper does not reflect a camera flash.

- For wet folding.

- For modulars and tessellations (see Lydiard's Artworks)
- For folding many simple and intermediate models.

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