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#4 Origami Sequence Quentin Trollip in english
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#4 Origami Sequence - Format E-book

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Origami Sequence:

Quentin Trollip is renowned for the interesting origami subjects he creates. In “Origami Sequence” he presents clear and detailed step-by-step instructions for folding some of his classic designs, like the Border Collie, Orang Utan and Crucifix. Learn to fold a total of 21 original designs that range from the intermediate Scream! mask to the very complex Little Mermaid. For each model, he provides information about the design, the crease pattern and tips on the type of paper to use to achieve display-quality results.


Product Details:
Hardcover : 176 pages
Publisher: SARL Passion Origami - Nicolas Terry
Language: English and french
Product Dimensions: 21 cm. x 29.7 cm.

- 21 models diagrams step by step
- 4 colors pages with the photographs of all the models.

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stars_5 - Enviado el lunes 30 diciembre 2013 por Elizabeth W
I am so excited to try these models. I bought the book because of happyfolding.com video of the pol... (Leer más)
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