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Origami for boys and girls [e-book Edition]
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Origami for boys and girls [e-book Edition]

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Book Description:

"Origami for boys and girls" is and e-book that you can read on Kindle, any computer or other small devices.

It is especially formatted with larger, clearer diagrams.

This e-book teaches you how to fold 30 simple origami models, diagrammed by origami master John Montroll. Children will enjoy folding boats, boxes, flying objects, kimonos, hats, and many more projects. Some are original designs by John Montroll and Brian K. Webb, and several are traditional favorites.


This ebook is available on kindle format.


How I can read it ?

  • Either you have a Kindle, and you can read the book with a simple drag / drop or copy / paste of the file from your desktop to the kindle (this one connected to your computer of course)
  • Or you do not have a Kindle. Do not panic! You will find here all FREE applications that Amazon develops for different devices: PC, Mac, Android, iPad, iPod. Once installed, open the file with this aplication.

How I can download it ?

  • As soon as we accept your payment, You could download the book from “Your Account>Review your orders” 
  • Because this book is an e-book, the are of course no carriage costs. 

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