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One Water - One World

One Water - One World; color pages Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 30 models! This collection was created by the "Spring and Autumn Origami Club" (SAOC), a Chinese origami group.

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AVAILABLE END OF APRIL! One Water - One World [Pre-Order]
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One Water - One World

Featuring 30 sea-life themed origami designs ranging from intermediate level all the way to super-complex. 


240 pages of folding instructions makes this the most comprehensive book of the Happy Folding Collection! 



Book Details :

  • 240 color pages
  • Complete step-by-step folding instructions for 30 models
  • Languages: English and French (all texts, including diagrams)
  • Available formats: 
  1. Paperback with digital book option
  2. Digital book ONLY
  3. E-BookThis PDF version of the book (150 MB) can be viewed on any PC, Mac, smartphone or tablet. Due to the large size of this file, each E-Book must be manually watermarked upon order. Once the file is prepared, an email will be sent to customers with a "We Transfer" download link. AOS staff will send the download link as soon as possible, typically on the same or following business day, upon receipt of payment. Each download link will remain active for 7 days.



This collection was created by the "Spring and Autumn Origami Club" (SAOC), a Chinese origami group established in 2016 with the aim of globally promoting the talents of Chinese origami designers. This book focuses solely on the works of the first seven members of the SAOC: 

Zhangyifan, 212moving, Chen Shu, LLH, Ryan Dong, Mi Wu, and Lu Hao.


Due to their dedication, and the support of many other Chinese origami designers, the "Chinese New Year Origami Collection" has now
published three books.


In 2018, SAOC launched the e-magazine, "Origami Record." Find out more by visiting:



We recommend the following origami sheets as they are perfectly suited for folding the models in this book:

This pack comes with 40 sheets, including 30 origami papers specifically chosen for their size, color, and texture to perfectly compliment your folding (see below) + 10 practice sheets for testing before moving to your final design.


10 Sandwich papers:
Sandwich Red/White 23x23 cm
Sandwich Blue/Red 23x23 cm
Sandwich Blue/White 23x23 cm
Sandwich Orange/White 23x23 cm
Sandwich Blue/Beige 35x35 cm
Sandwich Red/White 35x35 cm
Sandwich Brown/Black 35x35 cm
Sandwich Slate/White 45x45 cm


8 Tissue-Foil papers:
Tissue-foil Orange 20x20 cm
Tissue-foil Gold 20x20 cm
Tissue-foil Grey 20x20 cm
Tissue-foil Yellow 30x30 cm
Tissue-foil Coffee 40x40 cm
Tissue-foil Blue 40x40 cm
Tissue-foil Copper 40x40 cm
Tissue-foil Copper 50x50 cm


7 other Medium Sized Papers: 
Textured Biotope Black 24x24 cm
Biogami Blue 24x24 cm
2 x Kami Orange 17.6x17.6 cm
Washi Deluxe Purple 24x24 cm
Washi Deluxe Black 24x24 cm
Tant Dark Gray 24x24 cm


5 other large Papers:
Momigami Brown 35x35 cm
Grainy Red 35x35 cm
Biotope Moss Green 35x35 cm
Biotope Blue 40x40 cm
Kraft Duplex 50x50 cm




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AVAILABLE END OF APRIL! One Water - One World [Pre-Order]
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