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O-Gami Tangerine Luster Med
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O-Gami Tangerine Luster Medium

Un espectacular papel hecho a mano de Ohio, disponible en una gama de colores deslumbrantes. Perfecto para plegar el origami complejo debido a su resistencia y durabilidad superiores.

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O-Gami Handmade Paper - Tangerine Luster Medium

A very highly saturated orange with a luminous, brilliant gold sheen when in the light. Perfect for goldfish.


DIMENSIONS: 22in x 28in / 55cm x 71cm


WEIGHT/THICKNESS (Please see disclaimer below):
Medium sheets are approx. 90 gsm


Experience some of the finest handmade origami paper ever made!


Made by the Paper Circle non-profit organization located in Nelsonville, Ohio, this phenomenal paper was designed with the input of notable origami artists including Robert J. Lang, Michael LaFosse, and Richard Alexander.


O-Gami is durable, archival, and comes in an array of gorgeous colors. It is one of the largest-sized handmade origami paper available on the market today!


Well-suited for wet folding and highly complex models.




All O-Gami is shipped rolled in a sturdy mailing tube, and is separated from any purchases that are typically mailed flat (if applicable).



THICKNESS - Due to the fact that each sheet of O-Gami paper is handmade, they can vary slightly in thickness, even within a specific weight category. If you are looking for a particularly thin or somewhat thicker selection(s), PLEASE LET US KNOW in the comment section of your order and we will do our best to accommodate your folding needs!


COLOR - Please note that while there is usually consistency within each individual color, some colors may appear slightly different in actuallity than they do on your computer screen. We have tried our best to adjust our product photos to reflect the actual color, but  they may still differ based on the settings of computer monitors.

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