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James Peake is a paper folding expert based in Oberlin, OH, who specializes in folding and teaching origami, as well as curating origami exhibitions. After graduating from Oberlin College in 2006, James spent 11 years as the Education Director with the Firelands Association for the Visual Arts, where he started the ongoing “FAVA Folding Festival”.   Currently James runs the Americas Origami Shop website.

An active member of the international origami community, James has organized and hosted over a dozen origami gallery exhibitions that feature master paper folders from around the globe. James has taught for organizations such as the Cleveland Institute of Art, the Sandusky Cultural Center, the Cleveland International Film Festival, and the Kentucky Museum of Art and Craft.

In 2017, James opened Foldspace Origami Studio in Oberlin, which doubles as an art studio and lesson space for students.

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