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Whether you are an origami novice or have been folding for years, you will find that we have gathered together a collection of items that will satisfy your passion for origami.

Thanks to a network of international professional origami artists, we are able to offer many items that are impossible to find in traditional sales networks. Plus, many articles found here are exclusive to our collection!

We offer the most interesting and recent publications.
We offer a range of rare papers that are selected for their superior qualities, guaranteed to fulfill all the requirements for your folds.

Finally, you can order exclusively on this site the “Passion Origami
 collection, a series of books that are published by Origami-Shop.com, intended to present the newest talents of origami.

Enjoy your visit and happy shopping!

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Check out these origami pieces by some of our featured artists:
Shark by Nguyen Hung Cuong Owl by Roman Diaz
Shopping Bag by Gerardo Gacharná Ramírez Beaver by Nicolas TERRY

Images used with permission of the authors

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$ 1.25
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