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Drawing Origami Tome 2 Format E-Book
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Drawing Origami Tome 2 Format E-Book

Drawing Origami Tome 2 Format E-Book

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Drawing Origami Tome 2 Format E-Book


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Drawing Origami Tome 2

34 models ranging from simple to complex level. It is a collective book dedicated to the new generation of artists. All diagrams, beautifully drawn by Halle, highlight the models with clear step-by-step folding intructions. 

- Langage: English and French

- 208 pages 






Models :



bat / by
Natalia Romanenko


dragonfly / by 

par / by 
Francesco Mancini

swords / by 
Pere Olivella


par / by 
Juan Gimeno

Christmas Tree / by 
Carlos Bocanegra

motorcycle / by 
Daniel Bermejo Sanchez

cat / by 
Sébastien Limet

plant / by 
Riccardo Foshi

bull / by 
Mindaugas Vesnavicius

par / by 
Fabian Correa

fish / by 
João Charrua

stork / by 
Choi Donggyu

rabbit / by 
Fernando Castellanos

horse / by 
Patricio Kunz

bear / by 
​Patricio Kunz

crab / by 

Fernando Castellanos

fox / by 
Fabian Correa

fox / by 
Oriol Esteve

par / by 
Oriol Esteve

gorilla / by 
Nicolas Terry

guinea pig / by 

Nicolas Gajardo

par / by 


SwordinStone / by 

Lee Jae Gu

par / by

Christophe Boudias

lynx / by

Richard Galindo Flores

monkey / by 
Kunsulu Jikishiyeva

Astronaut / by 

Alejandro Pascual

owl / by
Robert J. Lang

rhino / by 
Roman Diaz

dog / by 

Ronald Koh

elephant / by

Artur Biernacki

tiger / by

Choi Ju-Young






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Drawing Origami Tome 2 Format E-Book

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