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Crane Origami Handbook
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Crane Origami Handbook - Kazuo Kobayashi

In this book, we will introduce you to various types of traditional folded paper cranes. From world-renowned origami master Kazuo Kobayashi.

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Crane Origami Handbook -  - Kazuo Kobayashi

The traditional Japanese crane is the most popular origami the world over. Author and artist  Kazuo Kobayashi introduces various origami models under the universally loved "crane" design. 


The original Japnese text is accompanied by an English translation as well as French and (simplified) Chinese. 


The types of cranes include:


恋鶴 Love Cranes 
四連鶴 Quadruplet Cranes 
青海波 Wave Pattern Cranes 
基本の鶴 Basic Crane 
はばたく鶴 Flapping Crane 
二重の鶴 Double-Layered Crane 
巣ごもり鶴 Nesting Crane 
鶴の門松 Crane Kadomatsu 
寿鶴 A Congratulatory Crane A 
寿鶴 B Congratulatory Crane B 
鶴のめびな Crane Empress Doll 
鶴のおびな Crane Emperor Doll 
端午の節句の鶴 Boys' Day Crane 
鶴の器 Crane Bowl 
小箱鶴 Small Box Crane 
鶴の箸置き Crane Chopstick Rest 
鶴の懐紙 Crane Kaishi 
鶴のたとう Crane Tatō 
鶴のぽち袋 A Crane Pochi-bukuro A 
鶴のぽち袋 B Crane Pochi-bukuro B 
お祝い鶴 Celebratory Crane 
鶴のブックマーカー Crane Corner Bookmarks 
鶴のしおり Crane Bookmark 
鶴のメモスタンド Crane Note Stand 
鶴の花入れ Crane Vase 



Book: 120 pages
Publisher: Futami Shobo (July 26, 2018)
Language: Japanese, English, French, and (simplified) Chinese
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