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Choosing the size

You can selecta sizeby clicking onthe appropriate sectionhere or by selectingthe "Paper size" size in the left column in the "Easy Search" seaction.


Modulars : 7.5x7.5 cm (2.95"x2.95")

Modulars requires many small squares to fold and assemble. It's a good idea to use sheets with an assortment of colors or patterns to highlight the geometric aspect of the models.Examples of books with modulars.


Simple level - Beginners : 15x15 cm (5.9"x5.9")

Large enoughfor mostmodels from simple to low intermediate level. The sizeis suitable forsmall handsof childrenandthe sheets do not taketoo much space onthe table during workshops. This sizealso minimizeserrorsby facilitatingthe folds.Example of books with simple level.


Intermediate level : 20x20 cm to 30x30 cm (7.9"x7.9" to 11.8"x11.8")

The folding of intermediate models includemore complex folding sequences andit isnecessary to have apaperlarge enough to fold them withoutproblems.

 Example of book with intermediate level.


Complex level : from 30x30 cm (11.8"x11.8")

Below thissize, youmay encounter problemsto foldyourmodels. The sizeof30x30cmis often the minimum size! Complex modelsalso offeran important ratiobetween the sizeof the sheetandthe final sizeof the model.Unless you wantto fold atiny origami world, your papermustthereforebewide enoughtoget a resultexposable.

- 30x30 cm(11.8"x11.8")
- 35x35 cm (13.8"x13.8")

- 40x40 cm (15.5"x15.5")


Super complex Level : from 50x50 cm (19.7"x19.7")
Do you really hope to fold the super complex dragon by kamiya Satoshi or Eagle by Nguyen with tiny papers ?

- 50x50 cm
- 60x60 cm


Giant models : Extra large sheets

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