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Agua Papel by Fabian Correa


agua papel logoDevelopment of these special papers began in 2007 by origami artist Fabian Correa Gomez.Origami Shop financially supported the development of these papers for 3 years. They are hand made from the banana plant and a small percentage of cotton fiber cloth. Colombia is one of the largest exporters of bananas in the world, and banana fiber is great for papermaking due to its excellent technical qualities of the plant fiber as raw material. Obtaining fiber is done after the banana plant has reached the end of it's production life and discarded. Therefore this paper has as added value of being ecologically friendly and reducing waste. 


agua papel papermaking studioThe combination of banana fiber and cotton fiber generates strength and flexibility on each sheet of paper. Produced in a variety of colors. Each sheet of paper requires a very extensive process, allowing excellent paper quality and durability and no discoloration. 
Each sheet of paper is unique, so it has slight variations to each other.


Agua Papel

Color and size may have small variations.

Use water sparingly, if necessary.



Agua Papel sheets drying















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